Our Company

A warehouse is more than just a storage facility

Who we are

PT Presisi Rekayasa Persada (PRP) is a warehouse, logistics, and supply chain solutions provider that was established in 2006 by a group of logistics professionals with experiences from various industries. With 13,000 islands and a population of over 240 million people, the group believes that international corporations could thrive in and benefit from Indonesia's extensive market by having the proper infrastructures in place.

In the exciting Indonesian market, Presisi believes that the synergy between international and local companies cultivates further economic growth for both parties. At Presisi, we do not just build infrastructures, we collaborate together with our clients to unlock their competitive advantage through our innovative logistics and supply chain services. We carefully analyse the requirements and the needs of our clients', and build our solutions on warehousing and facility purposes prior to incorporating it with our distribution services. With our excellent warehouse and distribution services, and the support of bright engineers and employees, we believe that Presisi will maintain its success and continue to grow regionally.

What we do

At Presisi, we do not just build storage facilities, we collaborate with our clients to help them unlock their competitive advantages through our high quality buildings, and efficient logistics and supply chain services.


To be the leader in warehouse, logistics and supply chain solutions provider.


To be a reliable business partner by providing high value services for our partners and shareholders.

Our values

Deliver excellent services
Cost conscious
Adaptive and flexible
Safe and environmental-friendly
People and leader empowerment


Presisi Rekayasa holds compliance with legality highly. Part of becoming a responsible and reliable company is ensuring that our firm complies with the country's rules and regulation. We regularly ensure that legal paperwork is in accordance to government's regulations and permits are secured.

Akta Perusahaan No. 13 tanggal 28 September 2006 Notaris Sri Agustini, SH, Jakarta
SIUP PDN 01359/1.824.271
TDP 09.03.006118
NPWP 02.579.292.0-019.000