Our company's name, Presisi Rekayasa Persada, is an Indonesian translation for precision engineering. Ever since its establishment in 2006, Presisi Rekayasa continuously operates up to its name with "PRECISION" being the underlying value we uphold in our company culture. Our key value is applied to all our work, starting from the initial planning to actual execution, guaranteeing precision in all work and aspects to achieve the best performance in quality, time, and cost.

Our vision has also been very clear from the start: to be the leader in warehouse, logistics, and supply chain solutions provider. This is achieved through having modern and superior warehouses equipped with the latest specifications, finest sustainable materials, and advanced innovations that corresponded with our customers' requirements. Our strategy is further fortified by our position as being one of the main providers of innovative logistics and supply-chain services in Indonesia-allowing for optimal solutions in all aspects.

Build to Suit Development

A Build-to-Suit development is a customized warehouse and property solutions which is often opt for by companies with worldwide presence. This service allows international companies to enter emerging market with ease by having quality warehouses, whilst still maintaining global standards without having to bear the burden of a large capital expenditure.


We take into consideration your company's unique requirements in order to fulfil your corporate and operational needs.

Long term lease

When opting for a Build-to-Suit service, you are committed to a long-term lease, and reap the benefit of long-term reliability with respect to location and rental rates.


We are responsible for bearing the capital expenditure that comes with developing and owning of the building.


Whether it's security or accessibility, you can maintain control and authority over the asset management of the property.

Warehouse Rental

Whether it is an SME looking for extra space to grow or simply not ready to commit to a long-term lease that comes with our Build-to-Suit development, whatever the situation may be, our ready-to-use facilities offer a great solution for those looking for a small or short or long-term rental. Opting for a warehouse rental allow our customers to view warehousing as operating expenses rather than as capital investments, thus saving them from the trouble of having to build it from zero. All of our warehouses are built according to the international standards, thus ensuring its quality and sustainability.

Along with storage facility, we also provide warehouse resources such as:

  • Manpower
  • Trucks
  • Handling Equipment
    • Manual and mechanical handling equipment
      • Trolleys, cages, carts and garment rails.
      • Hand pallet truck, powered pallet truck and manual stacker truck.
      • Forklift trucks.
      • Low-level order pickers and towing tractors.
    • High-level order pickers
    • Conveyors

  • Storage equipment
    • Floor/Bulk storage
    • Standard pallet racking
    • Shelving
    • Carousels
      • Horizontal carousels
      • Vertical carousels
  • Warehouse Management System
  • And many more

Warehouse Capacity

Facility location: Delta Silikon 2. Lippo Cikarang Industrial Estate, Bekasi, West Java
Our storage facility has an indoor storage area of 20,000 m2, an outdoor storage area of 5,000 m2 and was built upon a land of over 3.3 Ha. The facility is equipped with 24 ports and has a height of over 15 metres which allowed for clear air circulation. The environmental friendly skylight reduced the need for electricity and generators are available to supply self-supportive power when needed.

Civil and structural details of our facility construction

  1. Indoor storage: Capable to cater for 4 tonnes/m2
  2. Outdoor storage: Capable to cater for 2 tonnes/m2
  3. Road: Concrete foundation with the ability to support 20 trucks with 40 ft. container.
  4. Canopy: Cantilevered off the building wall with 6 meters at loading bay.
  5. Loading bays: 3 loading docks with an elevated 1.2-metres loading bay.
  6. Electricity: Over 350 KVA expandable to 450 KVA with 2 standby generator set for electricity back-up.
  7. Industrial water supply: Supplied by Kawasan Industri Lippo Cikarang.
  8. Safety equipment: Full safety measures with fire hydrant, host reel, portable extinguisher and water host.
  9. Main road: Concrete road with a width of 6-metres and two-ways traffic.

Value added warehousing

  1. 15 minutes from exit toll road Cikarang Barat (Cikampek Toll Road).
  2. Approximately 50 km from Central Business District in Jakarta - Sudirman.
  3. Premises are built on safe and secured industrial areas.
  4. Nearby several industrial areas: Kawasan Industri Jababeka, East Jakarta Industrial Part (EJIP), Kawasan Industri MM2100 Cibitung and Lippo Cikarang Delta Silikon 1.
  5. New access toll roads.
  6. Nature conscious, sustainable and environmentally-friendly facility.
  7. End-to-end solutions.

Distribution Service

We are committed to serving you the highest quality of services from end-to-end. Our distribution service guarantees that the transport of goods from one location to another are feasible, safe, and prompt. We have a number of company-owned vehicles available to cater your needs and can be adjusted to suit your business as your requirements grow. Furthermore, our extensive network allows for other freight services to be carried out when needed. Health and safety during the distribution operations are paramount, and part of the process of achieving a high-quality service is ensuring that:
o Employees are required to undertake training and encouraged to report issues.
o Vehicles are regularly maintained.

Logistics Management Services

o Repair centre.
o Spare parts management.

Supply Chain Management

Evaluate Design Implement Manage Operate Improve

We believe that effective process leads to real results. Here at Presisi, we integrate technology, business process and our client's company culture to develop supply chain strategies that could help them thrive in today's uncertain environment. When designing an effective supply chain strategy, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all method. Every client is unique, and every strategy is designed to provide them with the best solution for their business. Our evaluation starts from the end demand, then work backwards through production and supply, and ultimately identifying the most logical facility designs and locations along with transportation options.

Following the evaluation process is the design; where we create an efficient logistics and supply chain network, and facility optimizations. To ensure a successful execution, our design team stays involved during the implementation process. Such involvement includes the management of people, process and integration of technology. We provide our clients with real-time visibility throughout their whole supply chain process, which help them to continually raise the bar for constant improvements, and ultimately obtain the desired results.

Become a forward-looking company with Presisi today as we embark on this journey of logistics and supply chain management together. By treating supply chain as a dynamic hedge against uncertainty, actively reconfiguring and examining, we help our clients embrace the new environment's growing uncertainty and complexity.